We are constantly developing.

A lot has changed in EVOLUTION³ in Covid 2020 as well. We are pleased to have once again provided our customers with numerous new features that make the creation and management of e-learning projects even more efficient.


2-factor authentication can now be activated for logging in to our authoring tools.

Project Management
The optimised home page simplifies project management and access to your most important projects through the favourites function. In addition, more metadata information can be entered about each project.

Task Management
Our authoring tools now have a complete task management system. Tasks and messages can be created and managed directly in the task management calendar view.

File Manager
In the file manager, access restrictions can be set up for special folders to ensure secure file exchange.

The action element “Turntable” presents objects as if on a turntable. Several image files show the object from different angles.

Audio and Screen Recordings
In EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN, you can now make audio and screen recordings directly and insert them into your pages.

ReadSpeaker Integration
and FAST-TRAIN now include an interface to the Text-To-Speech Engine from ReadSpeaker.

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