CBTL was part of a roundtable discussion discussing the latest developments in the e-learning space. One of the themes that emerged from the roundtable was the importance of taking a strategic approach to implementing e-learning. Based on such an approach, with a clear objective and a permanently anchored learning culture, e-learning can also provide enormous support for the digital transformation processes that have been further accelerated by the COVID pandemic.

In the context of these transformation processes, companies and their employees are challenged to develop new strategies, adapt organisational structures, and implement new systems and technologies.


Changes to the technologies and systems used however, only provide the framework for a successful digital transformation. However, new working practices and cultures must be accepted and internalised by every employee at an individual level. Training courses can provide targeted support for this process. Modern e-learning authoring tools such as SATELLITE enable the creation of tailored training courses covering the learning needs of all employees, that can be perfectly integrated into a companies’ daily work routine thanks to remote learning and blended learning.

With SATELLITE there are almost no design limits: From quick learning nuggets, e.g. via screen and video recording, to high-quality e-learning courses with high interactivity and immersion, everything is possible. E-learning courses can be quickly translated into other languages with our translation editor and, for example, set to life-like sound with the integrated ReadSpeaker text-to-speech engine. With our versioning functionality, the structured and traceable adaptation of centrally created materials to the needs of individual markets, sub-organisations or brands is also massively simplified.

We would be happy to help you implement the training elements of your digital transformation.