We help you growthrough training!

Our ACADEMY has 4 modern seminar rooms, an auditorium for lectures, several lounge corners and a catering area. In this pleasant atmosphere you can experience our EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN training and other seminars and workshops in the field of e-learning. In addition, you have the possibility to hire our premises for your own events.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ACADEMY.

The Training Centre

Whatever your topic, we have the right training

The ACADEMY is part of CBTL GmbH, an innovative e-learning company in Munich, which, for many years, has proved itself as a competent partner for developing and implementing e-learning strategies.

Our ambition is to use these facilities to pass on our collective knowledge of e-learning through training, seminars and workshops.

We offer you

Focus on practical use

The CBTL ACADEMY offers the highest quality training to provide direct benefits for your professional practice. The knowledge of a feature without understanding its relevance in practice is worthless and quickly forgotten. That is why our trainers pay special attention to putting features into practice within real-life contexts. Our training courses are particularly relevant and lively because we like to respond to the needs of our participants. You can benefit from the specialist knowledge of our instructors – and develop a clear overview of the sector-specific applications and features.

Developing capability at the highest level

Our training courses are optimised to impart practice-relevant knowledge at the highest level. Our top-class trainers focus on the areas of e-learning: the education concepts and implementation of e-learning courses.

Suitable for beginners and experts

Both beginners and experts benefit from the extensive training offered at the CBTL ACADEMY.

Competence at the highest level

With first-class speakers, lecturers and authors directly from the e-learning industry, our training offers reach the highest level.

Our approach to training

We want you to be able to create high-quality e-learning content.

The Concept

The training courses are divided into clear units. The content adapts to the current information needs and requirements of our customers and is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Following the principle of “learning by doing” you consolidate your knowledge by working through detailed exercises. In the EVOLUTION³Training, each participant has their own workplace. You have the opportunity to ask your questions at any time directly or – for very specific questions – to discuss them with the speaker in the breaks or after the training.

From Expert to Expert - Training and Support

We offer you different ways of benefiting from knowledge transfer, e.g. training, workshops and seminars. And if you have any questions or problems outside the training sessions, our instructional design and technical staff are always ready to find solutions and explain how to use our authoring tools.

Our product training can be delivered at our ACADEMY. But, of course, we can also come to you if you wish.

Training materials that will help later

For all training courses, you will receive accompanying course materials, which you can also learn from and use as reminders. This way you can strengthen your knowledge and become even more efficient in your daily work. In the case of training topics which build on each other, the documentation forms a linked series. The prerequisites for each training course are listed in the individual courses. In case of doubt, we will be happy to advise you personally.

Our bespoke and flexibletraining courses

CBTL provides a professional training environment that universities cannot offer.
Get to know the intricacies of e-learning concepts and
create e-learning content that deserves to be considered as self-supported learning material.

Training on authoring tools EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN

For our authoring tools EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN we offer a progressive training model based upon well established educational principles.

Through various training courses, the user can learn how to fully use the authoring tools. The training courses build on each other so that, depending on the desired scope or complexity of the content, the appropriate knowledge and techniques are transferred.

The training courses are interactive, i.e. hands-on practice of the training topics using context-oriented examples. This approach to training should help implement what has been learnt into daily working practices. Small group sizes are used so that participants have direct access to the trainer and can actively engage with the training. Typically this is important in the training process when moving from a demonstration to putting things into practice. During the practice phase, the trainer can act as a facilitator and mentor providing assistance as needed. We provide the necessary infrastructure for training in our ACADEMY or, when required and agreed, we can come to you and deliver training on your premises and infrastructure.

Depending on requirements, training can take from half a day to several days.

Our EVOLUTION³ courses and workshops are able to match everyone’s needs. Have you already worked with our platforms and tools? Then the EVOLUTION³– Advanced Training will be just the thing for you. Here you will learn the tricks and tips that will make working with our production platform even more efficient.

Do you want to develop expertise in a specific area, such as creating test pools in EVOLUTION³? That is also no problem. We are able to offer EVOLUTION³ training and workshops on a wide range of specialist areas.

Example topics

  • Successfully planning and designing of web-based training
  • Efficient storyboarding for web-based training
  • Creation of Web-Based Training with  EVOLUTION³ | FAST-TRAIN
  • Create and maintain multilingual WBTs
  • Creation of Test pools in  EVOLUTION³
  • Flows in  EVOLUTION³

Seminars & workshops around the topic of e-learning

Would you like to introduce e-learning to your company? Then you can learn from us all the foundations of professional e-learning production. How do I increase the engagement of the learner with the right design? What added value do I get with well designed e-learning courses? These and other questions will be answered in our workshops. Learn from our experience of successful teaching with new media.

Example topics

  • Introduction of e-learning into your company
  • Successful lessons with new media
  • Project planning for e-learning production
  • Team leadership for e-learning
  • Concept design from content to storyboard
  • Storytelling in e-learning


The main focus of our workshops is to find the solutions to your challenges. In workshops, knowledge transfer takes place mainly through group work. Participants work together to develop new knowledge and skills. Our authoring tool is only a means to an end, a tool to put into practice the solutions to your needs.

A workshop usually takes 1-2 days.


A seminar is a unique advanced training event in which the participants are actively involved and are invited to participate through questions and discussions. As the theoretical part is normally more important than the practical part seminars usually take place in a lecture format. Nevertheless, at a seminar not only information, but knowledge and skills are taught. All participants receive appropriate seminar documents.

Customized training

The customized training is completely tailored to your needs. You determine your training content, the duration of the training and the place of training. If you are in need of tailor-made training, we will gladly make you a bespoke offer.

Coaching | Consulting

If you would like to discuss a very specific individual topic together with one or more of our employees, we also offer coaching or consulting. This is the most intensive and confidential way of working together and therefore provides an extremely fast way to develop the desired topic.

Room Hire

You’ve got the ideas – we have the right space!
Our new, bright training rooms, equipped with the latest technology,
are the best choice if you do not have the right space.

Are you planning a seminar, workshop or conference?
At the CBTL ACADEMY you will find not just the right room,
but also the right environment for your event.

We offer you

  • Prestigious environment for you and your customers
  • Stylish lounge and catering area
  • Different room sizes – for the smallest meeting in the lounge corner up to 40 people in the auditorium
  • High quality technology
  • Disabled facilities
  • Barrier-free access by elevator
  • Good transport links and parking
  • Hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity

Seminar rooms

Our modern rooms are ideal for training purposes, seminars, product presentations and conferences and can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements.

Thanks to large windows, our rooms are very bright and have comfortable, movable furniture. Through our flexible seating arrangements, we create a quiet and pleasant learning atmosphere and an individual feel-good ambience for your event. Depending on your needs and requirements, state-of-the-art meeting room technology is available. Lighting controls, including effective blackout, help deliver the perfect presentation.


Our auditorium can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people. It is not only great for seminars or presentations on a grand scale, you can also use the auditorium as a showroom for your product presentations.

Catering and lounge area

During breaks, hot and cold drinks and snacks are available in the catering area. The lounge corners invite you to linger and offer a pleasant atmosphere for easy conversation.