The Translation Manager

Your Job

Your role is to manage translations and create language versions. To do this, you must have language versions tested and approved by international markets, make changes to language versions quickly and have an overview of all versions.

Your Challenges

It is not always easy for you to keep track of all translations. When reviewed, translations are inconsistent due to missing defined terms and some translations are no longer traceable. In addition, you have to be prepared for lengthy coordination cycles during QA.

Your Preferences

You would like to have straight forward management of all language versions in one project. Country/market specific versions should be created easily. Text import and export should be possible with just one click.

Our Services

In our authoring tools EVOLUTION³ and SATELLITE, texts can be selected by author or creation time and exported or imported for translation with one click. Linked market versions simplify update management and localisation processes.

Our Solutions

Review and QA of translations is easy to perform through our customisable language nodes. Previous versions can be restored from backup when required. The integrated messaging system allows timely communication for specific translations.

Our Benefits

Using our authoring tools you can manage different language versions easily and smartly. Translations can be completed in less time by simply exporting and importing text files.

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