Who arewe?

As a leading e-learning company, headquartered in Munich, CBTL offers our specially developed, award-winning, authors’ tools EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN, as well as the high-quality development and production of learning content as a service provider . Thanks to experienced e-learning experts, instructional designers, technicians and media designers, we can provide you with reliable support during your project phases, or train your employees to the highest level.

Our Core Areas

CBTL GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is one of the world’s leading e-Learning providers.
Since 1999, we have been providing content and instructional design at the highest level.
And everything from a single source – with our intersecting core businesses EVOLUTION³,  SERVICES  and  ACADEMY.

All from one company

No matter if you need an innovative authoring tool, training or consulting –
CBTL is the right partner for you.

The most powerful authoring tool

The award-winning authoring tool EVOLUTION³ sets the standard for the professional planning, creation and implementation of innovative e-learning content. Just take a look at the benefits of a single-source publishing system, or get the benefits of EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN for your content production and knowledge management. Customised corporate FRAMEWORKs will enhance the use of EVOLUTION³ in your company. Through using EVOLUTION³ you also become part of an elite of innovative companies.

Comprehensive SERVICES

Experienced E-learning experts, instructional designers, technicians and media designers will be at your disposal, to meet your needs and project requirements. From consulting to the development of a learning architecture or learning strategy, the creation of motivating e-learning courses and the delivery of graphics, animations or recordings, you can obtain all your services from a single provider.

We'll train you

At the CBTL-ACADEMY we will pass on our knowledge to you in seminars, workshops and training courses. Here you can gain qualifications or certifications, study topics from the world of e-learning, participate in interesting round-table discussions, or simply hire our rooms for your training sessions.

CBTL History

from its beginnings until today

1999 - Founded

  • Instructional Design
  • Text books
  • Self-learning material
  • Educational books

from 2000 – Start first e-learning production

  • WBT
  • CBT

since 2002 – Development of the authoring tool EVOLUTION³

  • Content production with our own software tools
  • Building the CBTL  portfolio

Partner | Locations

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Ukraine
  • Finland
  • China
  • USA