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Experienced e-learning experts and trainers, as well as technicians and media designers, are on hand to assist you according to your needs and through every project phase. Our business contacts will be happy to help you.


Depending on your requirements, CBTL can support you with the right mix of capabilities and resources that you need to create and localise your learning content.

Your projects supported from start to finishPlan for success

To produce and implement your e-learning projects, you need a partner who is always on hand to provide support and innovative ideas for you.

A partner who can offer deep industry knowledge, insights from many successfully completed projects and a broad range of expert skills.

CBTL is this partner. Our consultants will work side by side with you, to deliver an e-learning solution customised for your business.

We have experience in almost all areas of the education industry. Starting with creating a strategy for e-learning and building a learning architecture, through to the selection and development of the appropriate tools.
Talk to us – you will be persuaded!

E-Learning for your business

From small learning nuggets to full implementation of highly-interactive, self-supported learning programmes built on best practice education principles – CBTL should be your partner of choice for the creation of electronic teaching and learning material.

The final publishing format, delivery platform and user devices for your content can all be tailored to your needs. CBTL will enable you to deliver e-Learning content that precisely meets your technical and end-user requirements.

Implementation of e-learning

Are you in the position of needing to introduce e-learning into your business but are unsure about exactly the best way of achieving this?

The scope of CBTL‘s support will be matched with your requirements for capability, resources and tools so that your business can successfully implement effective e-learning.

Competence Building

We will support your authors to ensure they are trained and qualified to produce content that meets your technical, training and corporate requirements. Your authors will not only learn how to use the EVOLUTION³ production platform but also how instructional design is incorporated into the processes of planning, designing and implementing.

From the outset of any project, our aim is to transfer knowledge of how our platforms can be used effectively and efficiently by authors and subject matter experts so that you get the full benefits of using the CBTL platforms.

CBTL can author content for you

Does your business already have learning content that needs updating or has designed courses and content that needs implementing?

CBTL can take your concepts, designs, storyboards, scripts and subject matter and provide the resources to create your e-learning content within tightly defined timescales.

CBTL can support your multi-agency authors

Will you be working with a number of different agencies to create learning content? The production platform EVOLUTION³ allows a number of authors, agencies or service providers to work collaboratively on the same project or separately on different projects. CBTL will support you with the training of authors and agencies, who are not familiar with EVOLUTION³, on your specific production environment to deliver content to your specifications. This can be the training on a specific FRAMEWORKs (a bespoke environment with defined templates, learning objects and design parameters) or the certification of your authors and agencies according to your content production specifications.

Full Service

Are you looking for an e-Learning partner who can take on all the work?

CBTL can undertake the complete creation, maintenance, updating and localisation of your learning content as a complete business/process/outsourcing service.

The most powerful authoring tool

Do you need to implement the most powerful authoring tool available that can produce the most sophisticated and bespoke forms of learning content?

Choose your EVOLUTION³ configuration and your license type, or work with us to create your own bespoke and branded FRAMEWORK for producing high quality learning content.


More than just software support!
Our support is there to meet your exact needs – flexibly and competently.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided for all questions that may arise about your production and use of e-Learning content. We ensure that your technical questions about the use of EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN are rapidly solved.

However, the special nature of our technical support is much more extensive because our business is all about supporting the creation of high quality, re-usable content rather than simply supporting a piece of software. Our developers are also available for questions about playing, logging, reporting and integrating content into Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our specialists have solved problems that are not directly related to CBTL products and often could not be satisfactorily answered by the LMS software providers.

Instructional Design Support

Your authoring teams can contact us for instructional design support if they have questions related to issues such as: Planning, rough or detailed design concepts, learning activities, types of exercise, feedback or assessment.

Our authors and project managers are familiar with practical examples from hundreds of successfully implemented training scenarios. Our aim is to develop the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Media Creation

What media is included in an e-Learning course?
In short: Everything that motivates your learners and conveys a better understanding of the content.

Quality media content is what gets your colleagues, employees and learners talking about your e-Learning courses. Music, videos and graphics enhance subject matter content and thus significantly increase learner engagement.
Independently of general e-Learning production, you can also simply request media creation services from us.

At CBTL you will find all this under one roof. We have many years experience of e-Learning media production. The results can be seen and heard.


Experienced voice artists will turn your text into spoken word. An experienced on-site team guarantees the best possible quality. Recordings can be made in more than 25 languages at CBTL’s own recording studio.


Smaller product films can be produced in CBTL’s own film studio or our film specialists can undertake post-production work for your courses. Short explanatory films can be created by our creative team to reinforce learning. The film teams can also work on-site – depending on the scope of production, we can bring actors, recording and AV equipment, lighting and even catering to your location.


Photo shoots in our studio – will make your products the stars of your e-Learning courses. Again, as for filming – the mobile photo studio can also come to you.

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