The authoring tool suite.

Rapid and simple with FAST-TRAIN.

High-end production with EVOLUTION³.


SATELLITE is the authoring tool suite with two editors:

The editor FAST-TRAIN is intended for e-learning beginners who have little or no experience with authoring tools.
E-learning experts can then further develop the content in EVOLUTION³.
Existing knowledge is thus preserved and can be transferred and shared. Learning or technical innovations thus benefit the entire organisation.


SATELLITE: The tool with 2 editors
You want to quickly convert the content of your training courses into e-learning courses, but your trainers/experts are not trained e-learning authors.

With SATELLITE you have 1 tool with 2 editors. Use the FAST-TRAIN editor to convert and share your existing materials as “learning nuggets” with little effort. With the EVOLUTION³ editor, you can have the simple courses refined by an expert in later revisions.

Reliable support
Your e-learning courses are created by different departments and/or agencies at different locations. For this you need a tool that enables smooth cooperation between departments/agencies and your company. Not only should defined production standards and processes be adhered to, but translations and/or adaptations should also be carried out quickly and comprehensibly.

SATELLITE supports your e-learning content creation and management strategies. Country-specific individual adaptations based on cross-border production standards can be easily implemented with a SATELLITE-FRAMEWORK, even incorporating the use of different departments/agencies.

Flexible adaptation
Unforeseen developments in a project are not uncommon. Is a tool that can be flexibly adapt to your workflows therefore indispensable for you?

With SATELLITE, CBTL gives you a powerful tool that can be optimally adapted to your needs at any time thanks to its comprehensive roles & rights system, its browser-based & team-oriented workflows and the many publishing options.

Smart roles & rights system
You are working with various internal departments or external agencies on an e-learning course and want to combine internal and external resources flexibly.

SATELLITE has an integrated roles and rights system, which ensures that each participant only has access to the information he or she needs to perform his or her tasks.

Smart teamwork
Your project team is spread over different locations. Therefore, you need a tool that allows them to work on a project simultaneously in real time.

With the browser-based SATELLITE authoring tool you can coordinate your e-learning projects in real time. Every project user has access to the latest project status at any time – according to his role & rights settings. Our locking functionality prevents several people from working on the same page at the same time to prevent accidental overwriting of conflicting content. An integrated internal communication/notice system completes the perfect collaboration tool.

Simple variant management
You produce e-learning content in different languages or content variants and want to maintain control and overview at all times.

With SATELLITE you can create several language and/or content variants of a master course. Changes in the master course are – if desired – automatically applied to all linked courses. Integrated version management also offers you variable backup options to restore older course versions.

Single Source Publishing
E-learning courses are required in different output formats.

With SATELLITE you can publish your e-learning course in a variety of formats – from pure HTML and SCORM packages to presentations to eBooks and PDFs.

Always Up-to-Date
You need branded and bespoke e-learning templates and functionalities for your company. Nevertheless, you always want to be up to date with your authoring tool.

With the browser-based authoring tool SATELLITE you can ensure a uniform and standardised production process of learning content, e.g. through a FRAMEWORK, without being cut off from further tool development.

Tailored service
Not only do you need a good authoring tool with reliable support to help you, but you also lack the necessary resources to create your e-learning course?

CBTL offers you both technical and instructional design support according to your needs. In addition, we are also happy to support you at any time in the creation of your e-learning course.

Continuous development
We use SATELLITE ourselves on a daily basis and continuously develop the tool further – based on our experience and that of our customers.

This gives you a powerful tool even with just the standard configuration of SATELLITE – always up to date and still adaptable to your special requirements at any time.

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