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Experienced e-learning experts, instructional designers, technicians and media designers will be at your disposal, to meet your needs and project requirements. Our customer and partner managers will be pleased to help you.




Our services can support you with every phase of an e-learning project.


In order for your projects to meet their potential, you need a partner who will provide you with innovative ideas. A partner who can provide sound industry knowledge, insights from many successful projects and a defined range of competences.

CBTL is this partner. Our consultants work side-by-side with you to ensure that you receive a tailor-made training solution for your company.
We have expertise in almost all areas of the learning and development industry. Starting with the training strategy, the structure of the learning architecture and the selection of the right tools.
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Technical support

Technical support is provided for all questions that may arise about your production and use of e-Learning content. We ensure that your technical questions about the use of EVOLUTION³, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN are rapidly solved.

However, the special nature of our technical support is much more extensive because our business is all about supporting the creation of high quality re-usable content rather than simply supporting a piece of software. Our developers are also available for support with playing, logging, reporting and integrating content into Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our specialists have solved problems that are not directly related to CBTL products and often could not be satisfactorily answered by the LMS software providers themselves.

Instructional design support
Your authoring teams can contact us for instructional design support if they have questions related to issues such as: Planning, rough or detailed designs, learning activities, types of exercise, feedback or assessment.

Our authors and project managers are familiar with practical examples from hundreds of successfully implemented training scenarios. Our aim is to develop the perfect solution to meet your requirements.


The training courses are divided into clear units. The content adapts to the current information needs and requirements of our customers and is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Following the principle of “learning by doing” you consolidate your knowledge by working through detailed exercises.

Focus on practical use
The CBTL ACADEMY  offers the highest quality training to provide direct benefits for your professional practice. The knowledge of a feature without understanding its relevance in practice is worthless and quickly forgotten. That is why our trainers pay special attention to putting features into practice within real life contexts. Our training courses are particularly relevant and lively because we like to respond to the needs of our participants. You can benefit from the specialist knowledge of our instructors – and develop a clear overview of the sector-specific applications and features.
Developing capability at the highest level
Through various training courses, the user can learn how to fully use the authoring tools. The training courses build on each other so that, depending on the desired scope or complexity of the content, the appropriate knowledge and techniques are transferred.
From expert to expert
We offer you different ways of benefiting from knowledge transfer, e.g. training, workshops and seminars. And if you have any questions or problems outside the training sessions, our instructional design and technical staff are always ready to find solutions and explain how to use our authoring tools.

Our product training can be delivered at our ACADEMY. But, of course, we can also come to you if you wish.


Training materials that will help later
For all training courses you will receive course-accompanying materials for ongoing reference and support. In this way you consolidate your knowledge and become even more efficient in your daily work. In the case of training topics that build on each other, courses and materials are linked to each other. The pre-requisites necessary for training are listed for each training course. In case of doubt, we will also be happy to advise you personally.


Quality media content is what gets your colleagues, employees and learners talking about your e-Learning courses. Sounds, music, videos and graphics enhance subject matter content and thus significantly increase learner engagement. Independently of general e-learning production, you can also request media creation services from us.
At CBTL you will find all this under one roof. We have many years experience of e-Learning media production. The results can be seen and heard.

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