We love Feedback. 

Feedback is an important tool of communication and exchange and as such is indispensable. For us at CBTL, it is therefore always important to receive feedback from customers. Constructive criticism helps us to further improve our authoring tools and our service and to optimise them for our customers. Of course, we are also always happy to receive your positive feedback – then we know that we have done our best for you. We were particularly pleased with the high praise from Mr Mogdanz from the Paritätisches Bildungswerk Brandenburg.


From the PDF slingshot – to real e-learning with CBTL

When we were looking for an online authoring tool, we decided on CBTL. There are many reasons for this. It starts with the fact that the communication is, without exception, very pleasant right from the start. We don’t feel like a customer, but a partner whose needs are catered for. For all problems, there are mutually sensible and goal-oriented solutions. The decisive factor is, of course, the technical and instructional design possibilities. With FAST-TRAIN, content can be quickly and easily created that deserves the name “E-learning” and is more than just a technically better PowerPoint presentation. At the same time, a level of detail is achieved (which is even more pronounced with EVOLUTION³) that brings a big smile to the face of anyone in the e-learning field. Anyone, who is familiar with the depth of detail possible, is likely to exhaust their own imagination before the technical limits are reached.

Roman Mogdanz

Paritätisches Bildungswerk Brandenburg