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EVOLUTION³ is a very powerful authoring tool. It offers numerous features and is constantly being further developed by CBTL. This authoring tool is aimed at instructional design and subject experts who want to create high-quality and complex e-learning courses.

EVOLUTION³ Advantages

Smart language variants
  • Cost-effective language versions through XLIFF export/import
  • Automatic sequence synchronization in any language
  • All languages are created in one project
  • Simple revision of all languages through central controls
Linked content
  • Any number of linked content and associated language variants can be created and maintained from the initial content
  • Central maintenance of course variants:
  • Changes in the initial version are automatically copied to all linked variants
  • A very small, location-independent team can create and maintain an enormous body of content
  • Enormous savings potential with regard to translation and recording costs
Single Source Publishing
  • Once content has been created, a wide variety of end formats can be published for the web, mobiles, LMS solutions and print
Smart teamwork

Your project team is spread over different locations. Therefore, you need a tool that allows them to work on a project simultaneously in real time.

With the browser-based SATELLITE authoring tool you can coordinate your e-learning projects in real time. Every project user has access to the latest project status at any time – according to his role & rights settings. Our locking functionality prevents several people from working on the same page at the same time to prevent accidental overwriting of conflicting content. An integrated internal communication/notice system completes the perfect collaboration tool.

Integrated communication and reporting system
  • Simple project documentation
  • Project documents are saved and organized together with the project
100% online application
  • Worldwide availability
  • international teamwork and project management
  • Roles & rights functionality allows inclusion of any third party agencies with comprehensive access and activity control
  • Can be implemented securely on a companies own servers
Independence from service providers
  • Standardised source code and computing environment of the supplied platform and content on the company’s own server
  • Reusability of existing learning content in new projects (= cost efficient= sustainable)
  • VContent created by Agency A can be reused, adapted and extended by Agency B;C etc
Sustainable for global organisations
  • The content created in the respective countries can be reused and repurposed globally
  • Central management of worldwide content production
Extensive features

Our authoring tools offer probably the largest and at the same time most convenient range of functions for the production of sophisticated learning content.

Uniform technical implementation
  • Operational reliability on all the local LMS solutions used by a global group
  • ZFuture-proof with further development of reporting standards and publishing formats
  • Company departments do not need to be concerned about technical specifications for cross-browser web based content
  • Global and consistent quality assurance standards

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