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Would you like to produce your e-learning courses in-house, but the available authoring tools are too complicated?

Then the solution to your problems is within reach!

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The right authoring tool

Create professional e-learning courses with our authoring tools AUTHORING PLATFORM EVOLUTION³, EVOLUTION, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN. Use our FRAMEWORK with defined templates and easily realise your didactic concept.

We can create your e-learning content for you

From simple learning nuggets to the comprehensive implementation of highly interactive self-study programmes. CBTL is your partner for the creation of electronic teaching and learning material based on instructional design principles.


As a premium service provider in the e-learning industry, we enable online learning and development implementations at the highest level. Our in-house developed authoring and production platform sets the standard for the entire industry. Which is why we also use it to create the highest-quality learning content for our customers.


E-Learning at the highest level

As a leading e-learning company headquartered in Munich, CBTL offers the self-developed AUTHORING PLATFORM EVOLUTION³, consisting of the award-winning authoring tools EVOLUTION, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN, as well as the high-quality development of learning content as a service provider on behalf of customers. Thanks to experienced e-learning experts, instructional designers, technicians and media designers, we can provide you with reliable support during your project phases, or train your employees to the highest level.

Authoring tools

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Create professional e-learning courses with our authoring tools EVOLUTION³, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN. Use our powerful AUTHORING PLATFORM and our FRAMEWORK with predefined templates to easily implement your didactic concept.


Content creation

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We create your e-learning for you – from learning nuggets to the comprehensive implementation of highly interactive self-learning programmes. CBTL is your partner for the creation of electronic teaching and learning material according to education principles.

Further services:

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For our authoring tools we offer you not only technical & learning design support, but also customized training courses. Independently of general e-Learning production, you can also request media creation services from us.

We have the right authoring tool for you

Our AUTHORING PLATFORM EVOLUTION³ is a combination of the award-winning authoring tool EVOLUTION, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN as well as other applications such as review, translation, tasks and versions.
EVOLUTION³ is the most powerful online authoring tool that experts can use to create comprehensive e-learning courses.
With FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN, we have created an interface that is also suitable for inexperienced users thanks to its intelligent operation.

The main ecosystem

Consistent task management
Efficient online collaboration
Centralised file and project management
Information security

The powerful authoring tool

Language versions
Export in all formats

Share your knowledge

for knowledge carriers
easy to use
course sharing

Create content fast

Simple operation
Fast creation
Responsive content
Publish quickly


What must your authoring tool be capable of?

Are you responsible for the translations of the training courses and do you need very specific requirements? Or maybe you are an author who wants to have enough creative freedom with your authoring tool? Click here on your area of responsibility and find out how our authoring tools support you in your work!

The Training manager

The IT manager

The Translation Manager

The author

The Tester

The Buyer

Our authoring tools

AUTHORING PLATFORM, EVOLUTION³, FAST-TRAIN and FIRST-TRAIN have a variety of smart features, which support the collaborative production of e-learning content.

Work in a team

Process optimization, communication, roles & rights, simultaneous work, project management


Test scenarios

Random drag, simultaneous drag, multiple test pools, glossaries, Excel import


Content creation

Uniform design, intuitive working, PowerPoint import, device preview, review mode

International use

Translation with XLIFF export/import, language nodes, localization, content variants


Automatic running sequences, exercise types, media integration, action elements


Single source publishing, HTML, CBTL App, LMS integration, full screen on every device

From the PDF slingshot – to real e-learning with CBTL When we were looking for an online authoring tool, we decided on CBTL. There are many reasons for this. It starts with the fact that the communication is, without exception, very pleasant right from the start. We don’t feel like a customer, but a partner whose needs are catered for. For all problems, there are mutually sensible and goal-oriented solutions. The decisive factor is, of course, the technical and instructional design possibilities. With FAST-TRAIN, content can be quickly and easily created that deserves the name “E-learning” and is more than just a technically better PowerPoint presentation. At the same time, a level of detail is achieved (which is even more pronounced with EVOLUTION³) that brings a big smile to the face of anyone in the e-learning field. Anyone, who is familiar with the depth of detail possible, is likely to exhaust their own imagination before the technical limits are reached.

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