Here you will find all the news about CBTL and our authoring tools EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN.


Munich, March 2018: The LEARNTEC 2018 is over and the followup work is in full swing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and prospects who visited us at the LEARNTEC to familiarize themselves with the new features of our authoring tools.

In case you did not make it to the show this year, you can read our interview in the e-Learning Journal. In it we talk about the latest developments in the field of virtual realities (VR) and 3D objects as well as the effective use of 360 ° images and videos.

CBTL is a finalist of theHR Innovation Awards 2017

Cologne, 19.-21. September 2017. The HR trade fair “Zukunft Personal” attracted over 17,000 trade visitors over the three days of the fair, with more than 700 exhibitors and around 450 program items. The guiding theme of this year’s fair: the digitization of the world of work.

The award ceremony of the HR Innovation Awards took place on Tuesday at the opening ceremony. Overall, more than 100 companies had applied for the award. We are therefore particularly proud to have made it to the final in the Software & Hardware category. We were able to convince the jury with our innovative EVOLUTION³-SATELLITE Model. Through the two available editors EVOLUTION³ and FAST-RAIN Our authoring software is also suitable for beginners who can gradually work their way up to the professional league. In addition, the ability of our tool suite to publish the same content across multiple platforms and devices is also of interest to the HR industry. Just as with the generation of non-E-learning content, similar materials are needed in the HR environment especially often, such as in the form of interactive onboarding measures or so-called SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) and compliance content, which should be used beyond Read and Understood as part of learning history.

On the topic of Corporate Learning & Working | Gamification our employee Björn Preußer was invited to the podium discussion. Under the direction of Dr. Lutz Goertz, the Trend Study Learning Delphi of the MMB Institute – Society for Media and competence research – was presented and illuminated from different angles. Other valuable input of the lively discussion came from Google and the Bertelsmann Foundation. In addition to the presentation of the studies, the following contents were discussed:

  • How do I make employees fit for digitization?
  • What role will informal learning play – and where do the offers come from?
  • How much responsibility for their own further training will lie with the employees?
  • Will they learn alone or in teams? With AI Learning Systems?
  • Will the learning materials be available as Open Educational Resources or created in-house?
  • What role does quality testing play in this?
  • To what extent should political initiatives support this process?

Conclusion: As you can see from the record numbers, this year’s trade fair concept has convinced both visitors and exhibitors. With the increasing digitalization in the world of work, personnel management is changing as well. New tools can improve and accelerate processes. Our vision for the future: Work: solution with EVOLUTION³.

CBTL as innovation leaderfor SMEs

Ueberlingen, 23rd June 2017. The CBTL Computer Based Training and Learning GmbH is one of the innovation leaders of German SMEs this year. The company from Munich was honoured with a place in compamedia’s Top 100 by mentor Ranga Yogeshwar and Dr. Nikolaus Franke in the 24th TOP 100 Awards. CBTL for the second time, has made the leap into this innovation elite. In the independent selection process, the medium-sized company was particularly convincing in the category “external orientation / open innovation” and with the innovation success.

30 further training days per year, are provided by CBTL per Managing Director: Thus, the management of the e-learning company in the matter of knowledge acquisition itself is leading by example. The top innovator from Munich began in 1999 with the creation of high-quality learning content, especially for the automotive industry. In the meantime, the medium-sized enterprise has been successful across industries, not least through the use of its unique authoring tool EVOLUTION³.

In addition, the team of 35 e-learning experts, educators, technicians and media designers developed the little brother of EVOLUTION³ in record time last year: FAST-TRAIN allows even inexperienced users a simple and independent creation of learning and presentation materials. But CBTL has taken it a step further: All content created in FAST-TRAIN can – if so desired – be further processed by experienced e-learning authors in EVOLUTION³ and thus be refined. With this unique combination of the two tools, CBTL once again proves its future orientation. This innovative tool suite is therefore not only interesting for large companies but also arouses interest in universities and colleges. In addition, the learning professionals have in recent years successfully intensified communication with external partners, competitors and large organizations such as the German Armed Forces and universities in order to put their own development goals to the test. The idea was to convey expert knowledge on e-learning topics in a separate academy.

The company, which is honoured for the second time with the TOP 100 award, has thus achieved a significant increase in sales and profits in recent years. The Bavarians want to continue this development. “The combination of EVOLUTION³ and FAST-TRAIN opens up completely new paths in the field of knowledge transfer, which we are happy to pioneer first,” explains Johannes Schnell.

IT LeaderboardAnother award for CBTL

Munich, April 2017. The influential and persistently innovative authoring tool EVOLUTION³ has been the hidden champion of the e-learning industry for years. The validated strengths of EVOLUTION³: especially qualified authors and training departments are able to bring many Aha-experiences and noticeable savings. Localization, single-source publishing, linked versions, and an integrated task and message system are among the proven and popular features of EVOLUTION³and have been implemented in a particularly smart way.

Especially in combination with the new and groundbreaking editor FAST-TRAIN, the tool becomes the most powerful authoring suite in the industry. Both beginners and experts always have the right editor for the respective user competencies. Thus, the suite is equally suitable for all user competences, especially outside of the classical e-learning profession, and is therefore strongly recommended for new application areas.

FAST-TRAINThe solution for efficient creation of learning nuggets

Munich, October 2016. You will probably have experienced this… How does the knowledge of experts get processed into (as short as possible) WBT? Most content is currently generated in the form of PowerPoint presentations or similar, then given to the authors / designers, who, with little support from the experts, have to translate them into learning nuggets. In this way, these contents are then stored locally on the author’s PC and have to be distributed “somehow” – provided the export formats are compatible with the company’s platforms and end devices. This ensures that nobody in the company knows what content has been created by whom, or where and in what form and thus is available as a resource. If international locations are added, multiple productions of similar content are almost inevitable and updates almost impossible.

That’s why we decided to build FAST TRAIN to create a user interface that is based on familiar Office programs.

However, it is the expert tool EVOLUTION³together with the rapid interface FAST-TRAIN that gives a seamless production environment with two user interfaces tailored to the user’s abilities. Content created in FAST TRAIN can be viewed by an experienced author with another login in EVOLUTION³ and more extensively developed. Professionals who have no time and ability to create learning content can simply “throw” their knowledge into ready-made templates, without having to think about the requirements instructional design.

Well-trained e-learning authors can refine this content in EVOLUTION³ to much higher quality and more complex learning content.

In addition, the content created can also be published for local use and used as presentation material for seminar training.

TOP Innovator 2016

Essen, 24th June 2016. With great joy and pride, we were able to receive the award from the mentor of the innovation competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, on June 24, at the SME-Summit in Essen.

The TOP 100 Award is the result of a challenging, scientific selection process which evaluates the management and success of innovation. CBTL impressed everyone with their excellent working environment, which offers an extraordinary amount of space for creative ideas.

Industry Prize 2016 | Best of

Hanover, May 2016. For the 11th time at the Hanover Fair, particularly advanced products and solutions were awarded the “INDUSTRIEPREIS”. CBTL – Computer Based Training and Learning – GmbH was honoured this year to win the 2016 “BEST OF” Industry Prize for the e-learning authoring tool EVOLUTION³

The Munich-based company took part in a challenging selection process, in which the innovative potential of the authoring software was investigated in particular with respect to industrial companies.

Supplier of the year 2014

Karlsruhe, February 2014. CBTL GmbH from Munich is selected as the supplier of the year 2014 in the category “Authoring Tools”. The award was presented to CBTL GmbH by checkpoint.elearning.de as part of the Learntec 2014 exhibition.

CBTL GmbH achieved the best result in the average of all requested criteria and gained the victory in this category.

The customer satisfaction in the category “Authoring Tools” was covered by eight criteria:

  • Technological product quality
  • Instructional design possibilities
  • Usability for the authors
  • International use
  • Service quality
  • Customer focus
  • Reliability
  • Price-performance ratio

E-Learning Award 2013

Cologne, February 2013. The eLearning Journal awards the 2013 eLearning Award to CBTL for the project “eLearning standardised internationally: Intuitive Collaboration and Production Management at MAN”. The Production Platform convinced the jury through its wide range of applications, which even with the complex requirements of an internationally operating group with 85,000 participants worldwide was extremely successful.

“The time of the expensive ‘dinosaur tools’ is over.”

The conclusion of the jury was “with certainty the realisation that with decentralised tools a training system can be operated at low cost, which meets all aspects of modern vocational adult education and it’s associated rollout and is also future-proof. The time of the expensive ‘dinosaur tools’ is over.”

Scoring 1.0 in the eLearning Journal TEST

Munich, 16 August 2012. This was the best score given since the eLearning Journal TEST started making awards:

Full score on all categories, final score with 1.0 for EVOLUTION³ (e-Learning Journal Praxisratgeber & Markt 2012/2012, p. 30).

After thorough examination of the new authoring tools from CBTL the testers unanimously agreed: “The tests showed thatEVOLUTION³ is a top class Authoring Tool and is being used worldwide.”

In the categories technology and functionality & features, EVOLUTION³ was in full swing. In the categories of technology and functionality & user-related aspects “EVOLUTION³ with flying flags is the best result in the range of Authoring Tools.”  The production platform of the Munich e-learning specialists sets a new bar when it comes to the creation of high-quality learning content. The conclusion: “As an authoring tool, the product has been mercilessly convincing in the test.”