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The design and development of a multimedia learning environment is systematic and structured.
CBTL divides the design and production process into 5 steps.


The design always starts with a precise analysis of the overall scope and a definition of the learning requirements.

  • Learning objectives
  • Learning depth
  • Learning environment
  • Motivation to learn
  • Target group
  • Learning content

Rough and detailed designs

These results are then used to make decisions on the format of the learning content, and also on the structuring and instructional design of the course, which are then documented in a rough and/or detailed design document.

  • Course structure
  • Content layout
  • Description
  • Exercise types
  • Exercise sequencing

Production Part 1

Based on these designs, the final learning content is then developed and written into a storyboard. With the help of this the course is finally developed and produced.

  • Storyboard creation
  • Production
  • Quality assurance

Production Part 2

Once the pages have been created and all content has been approved, any spoken text is recorded and translations made if necessary.

  • Translation
  • Sound recording
  • Language version
  • Quality assurance

Master Version

After the quality control the master versions are created. With SATELLITE you can publish your e-learning course in a variety of formats.

  • WBT (web-based training)
  • CBT (computer-based training)
  • App
  • eBook
  • Print

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