The authoring tool for beginners.

Rapid and simple with FAST-TRAIN

High-end production with EVOLUTION³.


The authoring tool FAST-TRAIN is a component of the SATELLITE authoring tool suite. This editor is intended for e-learning beginners who have little or no experience with authoring tools.

Creating learning content with FAST-TRAIN is as easy as working with common office programs. Nevertheless, the content created can be further developed with EVOLUTION³ by experienced authors. Existing knowledge is thus preserved and can be transferred and shared. Learning or technical innovations thus benefit the entire organisation.

Advantages FAST-TRAIN

100% online application

Online web application for Windows, Linux and iOS without client installation

Fast production of “learning nuggets”
  • Ingeniously easy to use WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Many creative interaction types: Slider exercise, video integration, Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop, etc.
  • PowerPoint import/export
  • Layout/theme changes at the push of a button
Efficient multilanguage editing
  • Easy language version creation through XLIFF export/import and UTF8 support
  • Automatic sequence synchronization in any language
  • Creation of all languages in one project (i.e. no separately maintained copies per language)
  • Subsequent revision of all languages simply, centrally and cost-effectively
Share your learning nuggets
  • Easy distribution of e-learning courses with or without an LMS
  • Show or hide specific slides for specific audience groups
  • Share individual courses
Single Source Publishing
E-learning courses are required in different output formats.

With SATELLITE you can publish your e-learning course in a variety of formats – from pure HTML and SCORM packages to presentations to eBooks and PDFs.

Professional service
  • Manual and documentation
  • Learning media training for e-learning beginners
  • Fast, direct online support

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