In our latest release, our customers can once again look forward to innovations and improvements that make working with our authoring tools even simpler and more efficient.

Faster and easier selection of objects

Each actively selected object now has four icons in the upper left corner, which can be used to directly select the most important functions:

  • Move
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Context menu

Another advantage:

If an object is in a group, clicking on the object selects the whole group. This prevents accidental movement of individual objects in the group. An individual object within a group can still be selected by using the Alt key when clicking.

Individual cropping of objects using masks

Save yourself the time-consuming cropping of images and use our new mask function:

In our “Object Information” editor, various polygons and other basic elements are available to mask certain areas of an object (such as images, shapes, texts or turntables). By editing the number and position of corner points, any polygon can be created!

Easier modification of animations

Have you created a long sequence of linked animations and then realized that you forgot an element? No problem:

In the animation editor, elements can now be repositioned on the timeline using drag and drop. The animation sequence adapts dynamically and elements to not need to be recreated.

New features in the translation editor

If your translator wants to create translation files or publish the already translated e-learning for testing? Then we have good news for you:

In the translation editor, the “Create translation file” and “Publish” features are now available. These powerful features are of course configurable via our roles and rights system, in case you don’t want them to be available to every team member or external agencies.

Translation of text in panoramas

The panorama editor is one of our most popular customer features:

The different hotspot variations, such as custom images or shapes, offer our 360° images or videos many different deployment scenarios. The information messages appearing within panorama hotspots can now also be translated using XLIFF along with the main content.

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