With the new release of our authoring platform, creating content pages is even faster and more convenient. For example, our new functions allow you to insert and place objects on a page even more easily. Here is a brief introduction to the most important innovations:

New functions for inserting and placing objects

Import objects such as sound files, videos, images or texts via drag & drop directly into the EVOLUTION³ workspace . The object also appears with the corresponding icon in the structure tree.

By right clicking on an existing object in EVOLUTION¬≥, you can now also use the new “Create” function in the context menu. Here you will be shown all the objects that can be inserted at the position selected in the structure tree or in the workspace.

Placing action elements is now even more flexible. Simply drag the desired action element from the sidebar to any position in the structure tree or workspace. In ART projects, the other objects are automatically rearranged on your page accordingly.

New Action Elements: Shapes

There are new action element shapes and with the new “Draw” editor you can edit the predefined shapes and also draw completely new shapes. You also have the option of placing one or more shapes on an image, e.g. in order to precisely frame selected image sections.

New object properties panel in responsive projects

In the sidebar of your responsive projects you will find the Object Properties panel. Here you can, for example, change the arrangement and alignment of your content or add a border or background colour to objects such as texts. In this way, you can customise your page to suit your individual needs.

Automatic translation through AI support

With the new interface in our translation editor, you can have your content automatically translated into multiple languages through AI.

New export: xAPI

From now on, xAPI is also available, in addition to many other export options.

Easy generation of test pool questions

You can now generate your test pool directly in the EVOLUTION³ editor using a provided Excel file. An upload button is available in the exercise editor for this purpose.

Improvements to task management

The new icon column in the task manager calendar view gives you an even better overview of your tasks and notes.


In addition, there is the new “Files” panel. Here you can upload refernce files for the currently selected page and make them accessible to all project members.

Updated administration

Administrators also have a new user interface for project administration and access management.

All important functions are now clearly summarised for each project. This gives administrators a good overview of all projects and they can also conveniently control the access of users.

Try out the new functions right away – we think you will like it!