The Author

Your Job

You need easy access to the authoring tool. Creating courses should be easy and fast. You do not want to be restricted in your design options. In addition, the courses should work just as you intend them to.

Your Challenges

They are often under time pressure and must also deal with the Corporate Identity. You are not only concerned that your freedom of design is limited and that your personal touch is not shown to advantage in e-learning courses, but also that face-to-face events will no longer take place in the future.

Your Preferences

You would like to easily update all versions of your training courses, impart knowledge in a targeted manner and measure the learning progress of your participants.

Our Services

Our authoring tools are 100% online-based. Logging in is very simple with a username and password. Using FAST-TRAIN even inexperienced users can quickly create high-quality e-learning courses. Our authoring tools contain many different, customizable exercise types.

Our Solutions

Our templates guarantee that content follows branded or corporate identity designs. By using different types of exercises and a mix of media, you can customise each course individually. For example videos can be used in courses for sequencing and navigation.  WBTs can optimally accompany and complement your classroom events.

Additional features

Link multiple courses so that you only have to make your changes once. A learning data such as learning progress and final test results can be viewed by a learning manager in the LMS.

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